¿No habla español?
the language gap

between you and your Spanish-speaking

employees, patients, and clients.

"Julie is fantastic! She delivers thoughtful, impeccable translations on time, and is always happy to answer questions and discuss terminology.  She's highly knowledgeable in the healthcare field and a true leader in her profession."

Tracy Young

Language Access Services Coordinator

Barton Health, S. Lake Tahoe, CA

For Freelance Interpreters

These trainings will give you a stepping stone to acquire the skills needed to work as a professional interpreter in your community and help prepare you for certification as a healthcare interpreter.

For Healthcare Providers

and Staff

You have a steady influx of patients whose primary language is not English. Take part in workshops designed to help you provide quality care and meaningful access to all your patients, regardless of the language they speak.

The Community Interpreter®  ●  Cultural Competency  ●  Medical Terminology for Interpreters  ●  Cultural Awareness  ●  Stress Busters for Interpreters  ●  Providing Effective Cross Cultural Care  ●  Introduction to Health Care Interpreting  ●  Interpreting in Palliative Care  ●  Interpreting for Cancer Genetics

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