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About Julie Burns and

The Communication Bridge

My Background

Thanks to a south of the border upbringing, I have a
bicultural and bilingual background. I was born in California and since age 3 raised and educated bilingually in Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala. Thus, I consider both English and Spanish as my native languages.

An apprenticeship to a medical anthropologist/pediatrician in Guatemala sparked my lifelong interest in health education and the fascinating interconnection
between language, culture, and health.

in 2007, I founded The Communication Bridge, and haven't looked back. It gives me a great sense of fulfillment to be able to provide my skills and services to bridge the gap in language and culture for my wonderful clients in Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties in Northern California.



I provide the following services:

  • Spanish interpretation

    • Consecutive

    • Simultaneous

    • Remote simultaneous

    • Conference interpreting

  • Spanish translation and editing of documents

  • Audio / video recording translation and transcription

  • Interpreter training and continuing education

  • Cultural competency training


ATA Spanish-English translator
CCHI™ Certified Healthcare Interpreter
State of California Certified Medical Interpreter

Julie Burns

Certified Translator/Interpreter

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