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Training for Healthcare Providers

Workshops for Providers and Organizations


As a Healthcare Facility, your challenge is a steady influx of patients whose primary language is not English. Difficulty communicating with these patients – whether it’s at the reception desk, in the ER, or in the clinician’s office. You rely on your bilingual staff – but – are they truly proficient in both their languages?


Has a professional company specializing in language proficiency screening tested them? Have they been trained in the ethics and standards of health care interpreting? Did you know that untrained interpreters are at high risk for communication errors with potentially serious clinical consequences – such as adding material, leaving things out, giving their own opinions or changing the message entirely? 


Your Solution is a series of interactive presentations and workshops designed to help you provide quality care and meaningful access to all your patients – regardless of the language they speak.

As a Community Organization, you’ve screened, trained and tested your bilingual staff – congratulations! That’s the first half of the equation. Equally important, your administrators need to understand the importance of language access, how to implement a language access plan at all points of patient contact, and how to comply with state regulations concerning language access. Your medical providers need to know how to work effectively with these interpreters, so everyone is working together as a team.


This series of interactive presentations and workshops are designed to address these concerns.


Cultural Competence in Health and Human Services

Culture is complex. Cultural barriers are common.

If you serve diverse clients or patients, how can you provide effective services across cultures? This half-day workshop focuses on solutions. You do NOT need to be a cultural expert on 300 cultures. On the contrary: based on research, federal standards and best practices, this workshop shows you universal communication skills to bridge the cultural divide.

The workshop includes film vignettes, role plays, interactive activities and planning. The focus is practical. It is based on national standards for cultural and linguistic competence from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, as well as federal laws and national best practices.

This in-depth, hands-on workshop opens eyes, builds skills and helps participants to understand that the key to providing culturally responsive services is effective communication.

Providing Effective Cross Cultural Care through an Interpreter

This workshop for medical providers can be presented as a 1‐hr overview, or as more extensive skill based 3‐hr workshop. It includes:

  • The importance of language access

  • How to comply with federal and state regulations pertaining to Language Access

  • Options and best practices for provision of language services

  • How to work effectively with an interpreter

Cultural Awareness in the Health Care Setting

This 2‐hour workshop for managers and administrators is designed to address some of the common challenges faced in a multicultural health care environment. The workshop covers:

  • Getting to know the Latino patient

  • Beliefs and practices related to health, healing and illness

  • Barriers to communication between people of different cultures

  • Tools and tips for communicating effectively across language and cultural barriers

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