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Critical Upgrade Notification: Your Story is Out of Date!

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been reading Victoria Castle’s book The Trance of Scarcity. In yesterday’s post, I reflected on some of the "stories" I have been unwittingly telling myself and realizing how they are just not serving me.

Kind of like an out of date computer program running in the background that is making everything crash and slowing things way down. I bet you know what I mean. When that happens, and there’s a bug in the program, the solution is hopefully simple – we install an update.

So I realized it is time to update my stories. Like, seriously overdue time to update my stories!

Following Castle’s road map, here’s an example of how I am upgrading one of my old stories.

What is one of my prevailing Stories?

There’s not enough time

What are my actions and behaviors that keep that story alive?

I am often in a rush

When I sit down at my computer, I feel overwhelmed by all the tasks that lie ahead of me

I take on too much and then feel pressured because I can’t do it all

My shoulders start creeping up around my ears

I am not present at the moment

Given what matters to me, what is an upgraded Story I could choose?

I have the time I need to do what I love

What are my actions and intentional practices that support that new Story?

I leave with plenty of time to get to my appointments

I choose one task at a time to focus on and give it my complete and loving attention

I say No when it is appropriate to do so

My shoulders are relaxed, and my chest is open

I breathe deeply

I am fully present to whatever I am doing

I trust my ability to choose how to spend my time

How about you dear reader, do you have an outdated story you would like to upgrade?


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