About Julie Burns

My Background
Thanks to a south of the border upbringing, I have a
bicultural and bilingual background. I was born in California
and since age 3 raised and educated bilingually in
Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala. Thus, I consider
both English and Spanish as my native languages.
An apprenticeship to a medical anthropologist/pediatrician in Guatemala sparked my lifelong interest in
health education and the fascinating interconnection
between language, culture, and health.

In 2007, I founded The Communication Bridge and provide the
following services:

  • Spanish interpretation
    • Consecutive
    • Simultaneous
    • Remote simultaneous
    • Conference interpreting
  • Spanish translation and editing of documents
  • Audio / video recording translation and transcription
  • Interpreter training and continuing education
  • Cultural competency training

ATA Spanish-English translator
CCHI™ Certified Healthcare Interpreter
State of California Certified Medical Interpreter


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